Monday, 25 July 2016

며느리도 몰라

As a final thing to do with my "sister" or bestie in Korea we had ddeokbokki.
We walked around the neighbourhood and got to this place, a tiny and weird looking house.
I'm not sure it'd be legal in other countries..haha
Anyway, the name was quite funny too, 며느리도 몰라. 며느리 means daughter in law 도 means even and 몰라 means don't know.
Anyway the menu offered a lot of things to a very affordable price! 오뎅/Odeng (fish cake), 쫄면/Jjolmyeon (chewy noodles), 라면/Ramen noodles), 만두./mandu (dumplings), 햄/Ham, 계란/Gyeran (egg), 치즈/Cheese, 볶음공기밥/Bokkum gonggibap (side rice for fried rice)

When we were gonna pay I totally misheard her, or I thought I heard wrong, I was sure to pay double what I paid, so I looked so stupid. I said..Are you really sure that's correct? haha

This place is located in Nowon, Northern Seoul.

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