Tuesday, 12 July 2016


I have always thought that Japanese school bags - Randoseiru looks cute.
I passed by WEGO on Takeshita dori in Japan the other month and saw this!
I was like, I have to have it ^^ It was cheap too so I had to get it, like everything else I put my eyes on..lol
Anyway it was hard to decide, it comes in so many colours but in the end I decided on the Camel coloured one ^^
So yes, as I did not attend school in Japan, I finally got my own Randoseiru ^^
Happy days!

Price: ¥4,309税込
Colour: キャメル (comes in 15 different colours)
たて: 26cm
よこ: 24cm
マチ: 9cm
重さ: 1031g
素材 (表地): ポリウレタン100%, (裏地):ポリエステル100%
生産地: 中国
品番: JS16SM05-LG0007
WEGO Japan Website

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