Monday, 11 July 2016

Skyscape ヴィヴァ LACE Reebok (リーボック)

One of my best buys in Japan the other month was these, I had to chase them all over Tokyo!
It was not easy to find them, at one point my darling got so fed up with visiting every single shoe store he wanted to just sit in a cafe and I could pick him up when I was done. lol
In the end I found them at a small ABC mart in Tokyo station! I guess my size is popular. In Shinjuku a sales person tried to sell me a size too big, I was like, I can fit in them but I think they are too big.. he looked at me and said, it's fashion! And we SPOKE in Japanese so no misunderstanding there!
In the end I got my 25.0 ones!! So beautiful shoes, I'm really a Reebok fan!! I wish we'd had more of them in Sweden!

Reebok JAPAN Website
商品番号 : V68542
素材: 合成繊維/合成底

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