Monday, 18 July 2016

Ice cream @ FRYST

I had heard and passed by this place, it was even more crowded than ever, then again it's summer now so. Anyway this ice cream place location is a bit off still people find it quite easily I'd say.
We stood in line for more than 30 min, and when it was our turn a lot was already sold out.
We came at 3.15 pm but got in around 3.45ish.
We got two flavour each, I took Cardamon and Rhubarb and Caramel flavour and my darling took Milk chocolate and raspberry.

One scoop of ice cream cost 35 kr, two 50 and three 65kr. 
You can get it in a cup or cone.

I'd strongly recommend this place if you like ice cream.
But try to be a bit earlier than us if you want to be able to get a choice of more flavours!

How to get there:
Address: Kungsholms strand 167, 112 48 Stockholm
Opening Hours: 12-18
They only take card, no cash!

Website (in Swedish)

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