Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Touch of Bengal

I made a slight mistake, I was supposed to book for the new one, but I missed there are two Shanti places close to St Eriksplan..haha
Well well, it's not like we got disappointed anyway. The place was crowded, people kept on coming throughout our whole sitting! Yes a popular place, with mix of people - nationalities and ages.
I'm happy we booked, we got a good table as well!
My darling took me out for a date night, I've missed it and to eat Indian has a special meaning to us. We had Indian food for our first date, different Shanti place but almost the same!! I still remember our first date (^0^;;) I can't believe we have been together for this long already, feels like it was yesterday we first met!

Anyway, back to the food. There were so many things on the menu, I prefer chicken but I had a hard time to choose so in the end I got some help to decide. I chose a mix grill of chicken - SO delicious, I want this at least once a week. I love the grilled foods and the sauce that comes with it! So yummy.
Darling chose what he always get when we have Indian food - Tikka Masala ^^ (I know not true Indian but whatever...)
We also shareed a Garlic Naan. And I can say the garlic naan was also to die for (no picture though.. we showed it it down before I could take one). Naan is also something I could probably eat for breakfast everyday. Not healthy but so delicious when it's fresh! One Naan was enough for the both of us, although I have to admit, I could have eaten one alone lol

Next time I want to visit their new place Ultimat, I asked the staff, he said it was more fancy, so it got me curious! Well well, it is close by our house so we'll find some time to eat there ^^

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