Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Daytrip to 의정부

I have heard about this..ehm.. city since I came to Korea many years ago.
But as it's quite far North I have never gone there, mostly because I have had no real purpose. And not so sure what to find there compare to Seoul. They are famous for their Army stew but quite far to go to eat, you can get it all over Korea anyhow.
However last time my dear "sister" suggested that we should, as she lives in Northen Seoul, it is not as far. Also she knew I had never been there so instead of going to places I've been she took me for an adventure.
I have to say, it was nice. it reminded me of anywhere in Seoul. But it also had this gigantic market which I fell in love with. Of course there are similar places here and there all over the country, but I preferred this over lets say Namdaemun.

I bought a kimchi box/container there. so convenient to avoid the rest of the fridge to smell like kimchi. As I chose the right box the owner asked why I wanted that one, I must have picked a less popular one. So I said I live abroad so this one will be best. He asked where I lived so I said, Sweden, I'm just visiting. He said the container cost 3USD, and went in to get a plastic bag for it, as he came out he said, you know what, I give it to you for 2 USD! I was like..really? Usually they try to get more out of foreigners but not this time ^^

A snack stand, not as common these days..

Stand with Korean typical side dishes, 3 for 5 USD.

A garlic shop - whole, peeled, chopped

A veggies shop, I'd love one of these back home!

This shop only sold Red hot peppers!! dried, flakes etc!

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