Friday, 11 April 2014


This album was actually released back in 2012, and I have only heard the singles until now.
I found the cd on sale (US$8) so I felt, why not!? ^^
And Danish music is never disappointing that's for sure. I like this hmm...teenage boy sound ^^
I guess it's because I like Christopher's voice! To think about it, it'd be awesome if he was promoted in Sweden and other countries too, thinking of the music that people like, can I call it mainstream!? Then well... he fits right in!
My fave songs on this album is Set the Record Straight, Against the Odds, Unbreakable, and Lots of Downs. ^^


1 Mine, Mine, Mine
2 Nothing in Common
3 Avalanche
4 Set the Record Straight
5 Against the Odds
6 Morning Light
7 Unbreakable
8 Big Mistake
9 Colours (Feat. Frida Amundsen)
10 Still in Love
11 Lots of Downs

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