Monday, 28 April 2014

Guts! (review)

The second single of the year is already here!!
I got it last weekend actually, but I have been a bit busy so I update this now!
As I said before, I love the cover for this single.
They look young and refresh ^^
My fave song on this single is actually the track FLY! Is that even okay to say!? ^^
I hope they'll perform that song during their upcoming tour!!

To me most songs are typical Arashi songs so there's no "surprise".
I'm actually a bit mixed how I should rate this single, this is the first time I'm mixing my usual big stars with a small one!


Track list
01. GUTS!
02. Fly (LE)
02. Love Wonderland (RE)
03. 君が笑えるように (RE)

Pics cred @ Johnny's / Owner

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