Friday, 26 September 2014

Marabou Salta mandlar / Salted almonds

It was kinda funny, I saw this ad after I went to the gym!
And a few days later I got it. 
I have to say, of all of their flavours they have released lately, this one is THE BEST!

It's Marabou chocolate with salted almonds!
I think I mentioned the Norwegian one with salted peanuts, but this one is better.
I think it's because I prefer almonds ^^
The saltiness, almonds, and chocolate is like a match in heaven ^^

This is def. a chocolate I will buy and bring as gift to friends around the world.
Also, whenever I get a chocolate craving, I will buy this one!


I promise it won't spoil my work out.
One square of chocolate = more exercise!!

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