Monday, 15 September 2014

What will happen now?

Before I went to bed last night I had a big lump in my chest, I do not want to go to bed and wake up tomorrow, was what I felt. Maybe it's time to seek work and life outside Sweden!?

I know it's democratic but, I do wonder, HOW DID PEOPLE think!?
Not only did the Sweden Democrats gain 13% which is awful, But will the Social Democrats, Greens and Left parties be able to unite and be able to rule Sweden?

Yesterday, Stefan Löfven said the country needed a "new direction". Oh well... with what he proposed so far, I rather stay the same. I do not want to pay more taxes for nothing, I work hard for my income. What Stefan Löfven wants is an imaginary world, it might sound good on paper but impossible to create in real life!

Also, The Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party have fallen short of a parliamentary majority, leaving them dependent on support from the Sweden Democrats. Which they have said not to work with. It's a good thing. however looking at the facts, what's gonna happen the next four years?
I'm not sure, All I can say is that it wasn't fun to wake up as Swedish today!

I want to thank Fredrik Reinfeldt for the past 8 years. He and his colleagues may have caused some trouble, BUT, we should not forget that they are the ones who helped Sweden out of the financial crises! Compare to other European countries, Sweden made it out far better!
I'm gonna miss this government and I'm sad they weren't able to continue for 4 more years.
I'm disappointed with the Swedish people, the intelligence of the nation is beyond my expectation,

4 years of chaos, let it begin!?

I'm gonna end this post by quoting the Swedish journalist Lena Mellin: "Det är inte Socialdemokraterna som lyfter den rödgröna sidan. Inte heller V eller MP. De vann för att Alliansen förlorade" / "It is not Social Democrats that raise the red-green side. Neither Left party nor the Greens. They won because the Alliance lost"

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