Saturday, 27 September 2014

미니앨범 3집 - 매거진

Singer Ailee is back with a new mini album, it's titled 매거진 (Magazine). It's only a few songs but Ailee really shows what a great singer she is. There are mixed songs and there's a song for everybody. I really love her voice and I'm so happy over her success in the kpop world that's filled with boy- and girlbands!
My fave songs on this album are 이제는 안녕 and 문득병! Totally different yet so awesome in their own ways ^^
Well done Ailee!! Can't wait to see even more from you!!


01. 손대지마
02. 미치지 않고서야 (feat. 다이나믹듀오)
03. 이제는 안녕
04. 문득병
05. Teardrop
06. 손대지마(Inst.)

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