Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One more time

Today when i woke up the buzz feed wouldn't stop.
I was like, what's going on?! Then I saw it, 9 will turn to 8. It's happening again.. Surprise!?
I have never really liked Jessica, she can sing, but I don't like her voice. It reminds me of Fran Drescher, too nasal!

SM Entertainment sent out their official statement regarding the whole situation with Jessica, revealing that SNSD will be active as 8 members as Jessica has chosen to halt her group activities.

Still it seems Jessica will be a SM, I'm not sure what her contract says and that might be it.
But why not say that she'll redraw from SNSD and be "solo" instead of saying she'll halt her group activites?
But I believe it also has something to do with her sister and f(X) member Krystal. I mean, we all know is that she's the one SM wanted first!! XD

As for Jessica, I'm not surprised, she's been with SM for 14 years now, and SNSD member since 2007. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she wants to do something else. I mean, "non-celebrities" also change their careers!! So why be upset? Let the woman do what she wants, she has been an idol for
Look at other K-Pop groups, like KARA.
But why should her other activities stop her? Just like JYJ it's happening again, kinda sad. Why can't they come up with a better solution?!
Without Jessica I'd say SNSD and SM is at loss, because we all know that she is one of the main vocals...!!!

Oh well...soon another news will pop up!!

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