Monday, 22 January 2018

아르간 에센셜 수분 헤어 미스트

This line from Nature republic has been highly raved - the Argan series.
I bought the shampoo, conditioner and this mist. Unfortunately I could only bring the mist home due to the size. But next time I will try to send home the shampoo and conditioner. Both hubby and I loved it.
Back to this item, they actually have a hair oil and a mist. I asked for the difference but with the winter season I decided on this one the mist.

According to Nature republic they say following about the product: Argan Moisture Hair Mist will coat your hair smoothly with dry and static hair. It is a hair mist that makes you feel calm and shiny.

All people I meet ask me if I just cut my hair.
Or what I have done because it looks so smooth. I tell them, it is this mist, it's the best item I have tried! I have lots left, but I already dread the day I will run out of it!!
It really moist the hair making it look silky but not oily. It can be used after showering or just before I step out of the house.
I'm in love because it makes my hair look so nice!!


For more details
Nature Republick website (Korean)
Gmarket (also ships overseas)

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