Sunday, 21 January 2018

Dinner at 오모리찌개

In Korea one of the nights I met up with BK oppa for dinner.
We had decided to meet at Lotte World mall. However so did the rest of Seoul. So instead of eating inside the mall BK oppa took me to this restaurant service Kimchi stew as their main dish.
I was struck by all the rice cookers as I entered the second floor of the restaurant.
They also had other dishes but since kimchi stew is what they are famous for we went for that!
They also had kimchi on the side and besides from the "regular side kimchi" we asked them to bring out the 3 year old kimchi!
Yes you heard it right, 3 year old! It was so fermented a different taste from regular kimchi. It was so good. During this meal we had three different kinds of Kimchi, it was difficult to decide which one was the best as they were so different.

The kimchi stew was delicious, I really recommend this place if you visit Seoul.

The three year old kimchi

The rice you are served comes from one of these rice cookers!!
Just the look of them make you happily surprised and the rice is of course SUPER DELICIOUS!

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