Thursday, 25 January 2018


There are several ones, I got the Cherry Blossom and Wine party versions.
I'd say these are very afforable for the amount you get. There are several ones enable you to get the colour set you like. There is a great mix of colours making this good for travelling and to create several looks!
Honestly the palettes are not that pigmented as I thought, I mean compare to their single eye shadows. But it does give a nice touch and I'm happy I purchased it. I got them on sale and I feel like they were good purchases.

#Cherry Blossom - The 10-colour eye shadow palette colours your eyes with pink colour resembling cherry blossoms dancing in spring.
I have never been that pink, but for eye shadows it fit me well. I like it. For this palette I liked most of the colours so I wanted to give it a try.

#Wine Party - 10-color eye shadow palette reflecting deep, rich wine colors.
These kinds of colours have been super popular for the autumn/winter season. I like the colours a lot!

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