Thursday, 24 October 2013

まだ涙にならない悲しみが / 恋は匂へと散りぬるを

Kinki kids is back with a new single, a double a-side! It's called まだ涙にならない悲しみが / 恋は匂へと散りぬるを.
It's the first in over a year!! ^^
I really like the sound of it, and I almost forgot about double Domoto! So I'm happy they reminded me ^^
Both songs are about lost love, and despite the sad theme, what can I say? It's KinKi Kids so it's good! Thanks for reminding me about your music!!


01. Mada namida ni naranai kanashimi ga
02. Koi wa nioi e to chirinuruwo
03. Ame mushi
04. Ryuusei

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