Friday, 18 October 2013

No surprise

Coffee is not cheap in Sweden...
I wonder why it's like this, I mean our nation drink coffee like others drink water!
Also this is the starbucks list, but to be honest, stong currency or not. When I look at the price and compare to locals it's a joke.
As for now we only have Starbucks in a few places, and it's super expensive. I read in the newspaper yesterday that will will expand next year.
But in order to survive they need to change their prices. No one will pay $8 for a caffe latte!!
Also the starbucks mug you get buy as a souvenir, you know the big one withe the city name. In the US I think I paid $11 for it, in London £6.99 (aprox $9) however in Sweden it cost 120 sek (aprox $18). That's why I do not own a Stockholm mug XD *joke* never wanted to buy one when leaving the country and carry it around during my trips.

Still... Sweden is expensive when it comes to dining out and drink out, compare to lots of other countries.
But we do start to change, step by step, little by little.

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