Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Time for some Cherry blossom

Although it's autumn now, I want to share some "spring" feeling.
In Japan the school year begins around the time Sakura blossom.
It can also be a new beginning and an end to something good.
Like graduating from High School and enter Uni.
The reason why I chose these songs is because to me, in this moment I feel like I'm stuck in between, not sure where the road in front of me will take me.
And to hold on to the old might not be good, but the new is also scary. Yet I'm not sure where the future will take me.
It's difficult to explain, sorry... but as of right now, my life is up-side-down.

This song is kinda "old".. from 2011.
It's called 桜の木になろう

And this one is even older, from 2010.
It's called 桜の栞

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