Saturday, 11 June 2016

Bento box from Makoto Bento

I had seen a few pics on Facebook and an article in the local newspaper. 
I saw that they opened right before we were heading off to Asia but we didn't have time to go. Then the other day I craved some Japanese food and thought it would be great to pay them a visit.
The beef bowl was already sold out, a shame as I really wanted it. So instead I tried their Chicken one. I talked a bit with the owner, a very nice man. I hope this store will go well. And hopefully grow more so he can expand his menu and also bring more of real Japanese taste out there.

Most Japanese places in Sweden are owned by Chinese or Thai. Nothing wrong in that but the taste is not quite there. To me many places are too salty or have been changed to satisfy the Swedish taste buds. Yes, Swedes think they know Yakiniku and what Japanese food is, but I'm sorry guys you are going to be surprised if you ever eat it in Japan! It's nothing like what you have been stuffing yourself! And there's more to Japanese food than sushi, sashimi, yakiniku and teriyaki dishes.

Back to Makoto Bento, it's located close to Rådmansgatan station.
The restaurant was bigger than I thought! And it looks quite cozy. You can eat there or take out.
After all it's called Bento.

The portion was big, I gave more than half of the rice to my darling, and he had the same dish as me!
The chicken was soft, and it still had skin, maybe it could have had been more crisp. But the teriyaki taste was there. It was served with boiled broccoli and some fresh cabbage.

Price then, affordable 89kr.
Same for Salmon but 99kr for the beef.
I'm keen to go back and try the beef!!

If you are in Stockholm and crave Japanese food, try this out.
Perfect to take away and eat in a park or at home.
Or if you stay and eat in, you can try some Japanese drinks!


Official Facebook page
Official Homepage

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