Saturday, 18 June 2016

Dinner @ Lilla Ego

We walk pass this place almost every day as it's on the way home!
It has been crowded ever since it opened, and it's a 90 day wait to get a table! A first for Sweden!!
But we did it, we waited! and we got a good table.
We also invited my parents as they also had heard good things about this place. And the more the merrier right? We went all in and ordered a 3 courses meal.
We loved the food, and it's very affordable considering what you get on the plate!! I'd never do it myself and the tastes are just awesome, I wonder how they do it, all the components mixed together like a beautiful marriage ^^;;
Mum and I shared the delicious bleak roe, while my dad and darling chose the veal tartar, both very delicious, and although I love raw meat, the roe won this battle!
For main both mum and I took the Char, it was delicious, I never eat it at home to be honest so it was a great choice. My darling chose the lamb shoulder, which was cooked very well.
And dad chose the Halibut, can't find the picture, but that too was delicious.
Then we shared two portions of their Raspberry deluxe dessert, also this a master piece of deliciousness on a plate.
There were no flaws and I understand the popularity, the food is worth every penny!
If I can have ONE thing to complain about, then it was the wine, I think I have never been served so little in a wine glass before. Delicious wine but yes, not a lot.

If you want to go, be prepared and book in advance. Eat it all!!


bread and grated butter

Veal tatar mixed veggies

Bleak roe with potato cake, sour cream and onion

Char with veggies, roe, sour cream

Lamb shoulder

Raspberry deluxe!
Biscuit  with mini meringue, mixed raspberries - frozen, cooked, fresh and a raspberry sorbet

How to get there

Closest Underground station: Odenplan, 
Exit: Västmannagatan Exit

Address: Västmannagatan 69, 11343 Stockholm
Phone: 08-27 44 55
Homepage: LillaEgo

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 17.00-23.00

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