Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dinner @ Flying Fish

The other day we decided to have dinner out.
I had seen pics online and this looked nice so we decided to go there.
To be honest it wasn't maybe the best choice to eat after being sushi heaven in Japan. And this sushi is pricey compare to other places.

They serve fusion sushi. We took one Beef tataki roll (tuna roll) and one mixed nigiri.
I liked the roll, happily surprised acutally although I could have had skipped the teriyaki sauce. I didn't really feel the taste of it anyway.
For being sushi in Sweden it was good. But not that good that I'll go there so often.
The nigiri was good, but not worth 195kr sadly. Of course the quality was WAY better than most places, still a bit overpriced.
I still want to go back as they also have a lot more on the menu. But when that visit will be is unsure. We spent a lot of money in Korea and Japan, so we to save some from now on.

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