Friday, 3 June 2016

Date in 낙산공원

Before heading to Seoul I told my darling I wanted to go here, he looked at me and said "You wanna go where? where is it? I have never heard of it".
I got to know this place by watching dramas and shows. I had wanted to go for ages but never had the time to do so. And it was great that I waited. This turned out to be a great date for us!
It took some time to get up there, yes there is a bus but we decided to struggle to get there ^^;;
We walked from Dongdaemun station, but you can also walk from Hyehwa.
Funny thing when we walked we asked a police man to be sure we were on the right way, he said yes but you have to climb all yourself, there's no bus etc here.
We looked a bit confused and along the way we understood. I felt terrible for all the people living in this neighbourhood!! hahaha

Oh well in all.. worth the visit, I'd like to go back to see the sunset!

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