Monday, 27 June 2016

Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?

I saw this movie the other week, it was hilarious! Some might say this or that. But I think many can relate to it in some points!
It has been quite some time I saw a french movie I actually ENJOYED ^^
I recommend this if you want laughter!


Title: Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?
English title: Serial (Bad) Weddings
Release dates: 16 April 2014 (France)
Running time: 97 minutes
Country: France
Language: French

Claude Verneuil, a Gaullist notary, and his wife Marie, a Catholic bourgeois from Chinon, are parents of four daughters: Isabelle, Odile, Ségolène, and Laure. The three eldest are already married to men, each one of a different religion and a different ethnic origin: Isabelle married Rashid Ben Assem, an Algerian Muslim lawyer, Odile married David Benichou, a Sephardi Jew entrepreneur, and Ségolène married Chao Ling, a Han Chinese banker. The Verneuils pretend to accept their sons-in-laws but have had a hard time hiding their comfortability in accepting people into the family from outside the community. A family meeting is spoiled because of the awkwardness and clichés about race and religion, stated as much by the father as by the sons-in-laws who even exchange insulting communitarian views to and about each other...

Christian Clavier as Claude Verneuil
Chantal Lauby as Marie Verneuil
Medi Sadoun as Rashid Ben Assem
Ary Abittan as David Benichou
Frédéric Chau as Chao Ling
Noom Diawara as Charles Kofi
Frédérique Bel as Isabelle Ben Assem Verneuil
Julia Piaton as Odile Benichou Verneuil
Émilie Caen as Ségolène Ling Verneuil
Élodie Fontan as Laure Verneuil
Élie Semoun as the Psychologist
Pascal Nzonzi as André Kofi, Father of Charles
Salimata Kamate as Madeleine Kofi, Mother of Charles
Tatiana Rojo as Viviane Kofi, Sister of Charles
Loïc Legendre as the Priest of Chinon

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