Monday, 6 June 2016

Banana cake @ 바나나트리

I found this online before heading to Seoul.
Then one of the days we ended up in Sinsa. After lunch despite feeling so full I could throw up.
I decided that we'd visit this place just because it was one block away and convenient as we were in Sinsa already. I calculated that I wouldn't have the time to go back before leaving Seoul for this time either. This place is called Banana Tree. Their speciality is their cake and cotton candy drink.
Due to our stomachs already being overloaded we shared a cake and I took a non-alcoholic mojito and my darling took an espresso.
As it is called Banana Tree we chose the Banana cake!
Isn't it adorable, it comes in a flower pot too!

How to get there
Sinsa Station - Line 3, Exit 8 follow Garosu-gil

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