Thursday, 9 June 2016

Best of Tokyo

I took my darling here as this is a typical tourist spot! I have taken both my parents and S here too.
I'd say that 85% of the people sitting here are tourists!
I'm of course talking abour Tsutaya and Starbucks! From the second floor you can gaze at the giant Shibuya crossing. Also my fave is to have a matcha drink or another seasonal drink which is typical for Japan! When I was there, they had a Melon one, so good!!!!
It's horrible to have a window seat because all the tourists stand behind you trying to get the best shot.
I'd say that if you are not up for it, sometimes it can be as bad as it feels like people are climbing on top of you! So be aware, or try to find another seat!

This is from an afternoon, I prefer the night as the lights are on. But then I prefer standing on the opposite side! Walk up in Tokyu is also an alternative. 

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