Monday, 13 June 2016


I posted about this a year ago or so.. You can read it here.
We made a new visit to this place, they have a special kind of ramen, or tsukimen.
I brought my darling this time and also one of my best friends. She said her husband was jealous because this place is kinda famous!
I took a normal size portion, so did my friend but my darling took a larger, which he in the end didn't finish. I struggled to finish mine. I thought I'd explode at one point..haha

Before order, think of the size, it's more than you think!
I had a "normal" one but I think mini would have had been more suitable,

Tsukemen means you dip the foods in a separate bowl. The broth is usually thicker.
Ramen means all is mixed in one bowl.

Mini = Ramen 150g noodles, Tsukemen 200g
Normal = Ramen 250 g, Tsukemen 300g
And the largest (XL) has 500g for ramen and 600g for Tsukemen!

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