Friday, 2 December 2016


I went to Japan coat-less, I knew I'd find a lot.
It was too bad the yen was high this time, I wanted to buy several, but I only bought one.
Greedy I know but it's not my fault all things in Japan look so nice.

To start off why shoppings, is this over sized coat.
I got it in gray, I don't have a gray and I think this matches many occasions.
I chose M size, I tried L too but it was too over sized..hehe

More info: LOWRYS FARM Homepage (Japanese)

SIZE M and L
82       84
74       76
109    113
40      42

発売日 2016/09/30
品番 732637
タイプ アウター
サイズ M, L
カラー ブラック09, グレー15, ベージュ55, ブラウン58, WEB限定カラーブルー80
素材 表地:ポリエステル40% 毛30% ナイロン30%
重さ 約 1,080g
お問い合わせ 店舗へのお問い合わせは、以下をお伝えください。
商品名:AiryW ワイドラペルCT

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