Saturday, 3 December 2016


I saw this one online before I headed off to Asia. I was like.. That dress I have to find it and try it.
It might look like a giant bag on me but let's try it.
I donno how many Lowry's Farm I visited in Tokyo..and Chiba. But MANY.
I found it on sale in Chiba, it fitted so nice, I fell in love.
I loved the fitting, colours and fabric. The design reminded me of Marimekko.
I got it for 3900 yen plus tax, original price was 5940 plus tax.
It's a free size and quite long so I guess it came on sale as many Japanese might not be able to wear it due to height and weight. I mean I'm plus size in Japan right..haha and it's still big on me!

Anyway, so happy with this purchase!!

More info: LOWRYS FARM Homepage (Japanese)

総丈 91.5
ゆき丈 61
胸囲 114
天幅 18

発売日 2016/10/22
品番 736118
タイプ ワンピース
カラー グレー15, ブルー80
素材 アクリル90% ナイロン10%


重さ 約 590g
お問い合わせ 店舗へのお問い合わせは、以下をお伝えください。

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