Wednesday, 28 December 2016

エクセルメイク | アイブロウマスカラ

To be honest I have passed it but never bought it, then a friend of mine said it was good and I also found some really good reviews.
The brand is called エクセルメイク / Excel Make.
They have all kinds of make up however this eyebrow mascara was the one I heard about and since I have way too much make-up at home already I only tried this.
I tried it in store, it was very smooth and was easy to apply.
As I decided to colour my hair blonde, I needed a light coloured one. I went for BM02.
It's still in its package as I need to finish the one from Canmake first. This one cost almost 3 times as much as Canmake's one. but you can really feel the difference. So yes, if you want a really nice one and do not care about price, then yes...BUY this one!!

I had to struggle a bit to get it though, I think it took me 4 drug stores and 2 department stores before I found it. Either they did not have it at all or the colour I wanted was sold out!

Price 1,404円(税込) / 1404 Yen + tax
Website:  エクセルメイク(Japanese)

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