Tuesday, 27 December 2016


I saw this one on the first day I arrived to Japan and I so wanted it.
But as I know lots of places have similar items I waited until the last day to get it.
It comes in three colours - White, black and beige.
I bought it in white, it matches with my hat.
I hope I can update that later.
Anyway this one is so comfy, I wish I could wear this all the time.
I have not used any other mufflers since I got this one, and I have a lot of them, even my mum complaint asking when I will come to their house and clean some out..haha

Well well... a great purchase. especially since we are in the start of the winter season.
Happy days!!

Price: ¥2,500 (税込¥2,700) NOW 24%off ¥1,900 (税込¥2,052)
カラー: オフホワイト, クロ, ベージュ

サイズ F
全長 83
幅 37


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