Sunday, 18 December 2016


I bought only 2 pair of shoes in Japan last time.
It is kinda hard to find them online, but I found one of the pairs I bought. I bought both at Flag J in Shibuya109. Flag J has been one of my fave shoe shops since forever, I always buy shoes there. Maybe not the cheapest, but I like them design and fitting. They rarely hurt my feet, Korean shoes hurt, sometimes Japanese too but this brand I think is good. I bought these in LL size, a bit big but I put an insole in them. I hate being in the middle of shoe sizes, I want a X,5 size...haha
Sadly at these stores the size is not really working well, althoough it says it should be between certain sizes, sometime you need to try a lot!
I got these in black! I have longer boots that looks similar..haha
I guess I like this style ^^

Name: Back lace-up casual short boots
Price: ¥ 8,532
Item Description:Casual short boots accented with back lace-up design. The heavy heel of the stack also has stability and outstanding ease of walking. It is also recommended items for people who are not good at heels.
Item Number: ST 318
Material: Leather suede
Website: Shibuya109 online shop (Japanese)

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