Sunday, 11 December 2016


This is one of the first items I bought.
I have bought a lot at Ingni before and love it. It was on sale so it made it even better ^^
However I had to go back less than 24 h later, the seamline broke, don't ask why, I couldn't see it and the store was like.. we are so sorry. ^^ The whole shoulder was off, very straight but I couldn't see why it happened, also it's not like I had been caught somewhere and I have never seen anything like it. Well well.. I got a new one and it has been no issue.
I like that it's simple. But I wear black thicker leggings, I used simple stockings but it looked quite short on me, so leggings is the way to go!
It's really smooth and comes with a "muffler" which you can choose to wear or not. Very practical, it looks like 2-in-1. I'm very happy with my purchase. I like the fitting, I thought it'd look big on me due to strips on the side, but it looks really nice so I'm very pleased ^^

More info
Ingni Homepage (Japanese)
Price: ¥5,900 (税込¥6,372) - 51%off ¥2,900 (税込¥3,132)

Colours: オフホワイト, グレー, キャメル, ボーダー

総丈 86
袖丈 48
バスト 92
裾幅 40
全長(スヌード) 65
幅(スヌード) 37


原産国 中国 本体 アクリル72% 本体 ポリエステル28% スヌード アクリル69% スヌード ポリエステル28% スヌード ナイロン3%

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