Thursday, 15 December 2016


I did some work to my hair in Japan. I bleached and dyed my hair a lot.
So I was recommended to get some treatment. I asked a friend of mine who I know knows all of these things. She recommended this one. The brand is called Loretta and it came on 2nd place as cosme's "Best Hair Care" in 2015.
So far so good, I like the smell and how you apply it, it's so smooth and makes the hair feel so good.
It's a shame, I don't want to reach the day I have used it all. I cannot find it here in Sweden!


240g / 500g / 400g(詰め替え用)

¥2,400(税抜) / ¥4,000(税抜) / ¥3,000(税抜)

Website Loretta (Japanese)

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