Saturday, 10 December 2016


Here is the second item I bought after arriving to Japan.
As said many times before Ingni is one of my fave stores and this item looked so cozy and it came at a great price, I had to have it. I had trouble to choose the colour though. I liked both pink and gray. But in the end I chose gray..surprise?! ^^
This works both at work and home, so I'm pleased!!!
This is long too which is great to have on now, I hate winter season and I always want to cover myself up as much as possible.

Price ¥4,900 (税込¥5,292) - 20%off ¥3,900 (税込¥4,212)
Colours:  オフホワイト, グレー, ピンクベージュ, ボルドー, サックス

サイズ M
着丈 65
袖丈 60
バスト 112
裾幅 62

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