Thursday, 17 January 2013

Panasonic フェリエ ES2105PP

Yesterday when I came back home to Sweden, I got some late Christmas presents.
One of the best was from my friend Sayuri. She gave me Panasonic's フェリエ ES2105PP.
What's that you might wonder... well it's a eyebrow shaver and also hair shaver.
It's one of the best inventions EVER!!!!

I'm so happy she got me one, it was my roomie in Canada who introduced me to it and well.. it's a very good gift for women!!! I do wonder why they don't sell it all over the world?!

Also Sayuri unni knows me well... she got me the white one :)

Anyway this little thing well keep my eyebrows stay in the right shape!
Also it also removes other hair, accoring to my old roomie, she said it was good to shave off hair on arms ;)

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