Friday, 18 January 2013

Tell me something I don't know...

Well... life goes on, right?!
At the moment I feel empty, I guess the PCD kicked in. (Post Canada Depression)
Although I'm happy to be home, it also feels terrible. I miss my roomies, I miss campus and Tim Hortons!
I'm happy I bought two cans with Tim Horton French Vanilla coffee.

My parents are not too happy with me as I still have lots to unpack and all I do is sleeping.
But I cannot change, I'm still in Canada time, or something.

I look at Swedish TV and it feels strange. It feels like coming back from the dead or something, because it feels so new... I don't think I felt like this after Korea but well, not much to do.

However, I wish someone could tell me something I don't know!

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