Friday, 11 January 2013


My three week vacation is about to come to an end. It feels like it was yesterday I left Regina, SK.
Yet during this time I have been to Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.
I have had a wonderful time with both friends and family.
However I also know that as this journey comes to an end so will also my stay in North America.
Within less than a week I will be back home in Sweden. My mum left for JFK, going back to Stockholm, while I'm waiting at LaGuardia for my flight to Canada.

Time passes fast, and my time here is running out on me....
In a way I want to go home but in another I want to stay longer!
Canada has become my home in a way.... And I liked it. Of course there are things that annoyed me too however that's how it always is right ^^;;

I'm sleepy, and I just saw a photo of a SNOWY Regina... Lucky me?!

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